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[Dt] AMD says Intel fabricated claims

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In response to an Intel claim that AMD has breached a 2001 patent cross-license agreement between the two companies, AMD has released a statement indicating that Intel's action is an attempt to distract the world from the global antitrust scrutiny it faces.

AMD added that should the matter proceed to litigation, the company will prove that Intel fabricated this claim to interfere with AMD's commercial relationships and thus has violated the cross-license.

Intel recently disclosed that it believes AMD has breached a 2001 patent cross-license agreement with Intel based on the fact that recent AMD spin-off Global Foundries is not a subsidiary under terms of the agreement and is therefore not licensed under the 2001 patent cross-license agreement.

Intel also claims the structure of the deal between AMD and Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC) breaches a confidential portion of that agreement. Intel said it has asked AMD to make the relevant portion of the agreement public, but so far AMD has declined to do so. AMD's breach could result in the loss of licenses and rights granted to AMD by Intel under the agreement, Intel said.

Intel is currently facing antitrust scrutiny in regions including the European Union and South Korea.

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