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dual boot on a NAS?

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Hey all

Im putting an old system to good use this weekend and putting a couple of linux distros on it. I was also considering putting something like free NAS on there.

Is it a good idea to have a NAS dual or triple booted with other OSs. There will also be 3 hard drives in there so plenty of space but would it work?

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Why would a NAS need more than one OS?
it wouldn't, but i dont need a full 24/7 nas server. I would like to play with one and have it there for external backups from my main system.

I also want to have a second system for messing around in linux. neither of which would be needed at the same time so I may as well have one machine that does both jobs rather than 2 machines doing 2 jobs.
If you're just playing around, then you can put whatever you want on it.

You might want to take a look at Amahi Home Server, though.
cheers, i think ill be using a dedicated firewall to do the networking for now, theres another system for that.

but yeah once ive greabed all the data i need off my old system i guess i am just playing around so ill suck it and see i guess
you would need to PXE boot, right?

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Why would a NAS need more than one OS?
Would be awesome to run three identical PC's on a NAS though
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