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Dual monitors and folding

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Just curious if anyone runs dual monitors and folds and if/how it affects your PPD on the card.
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I run 3 monitors and fold 24/7 with my GX2 with no issues at all...
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I run 2 monitors but I also run 2 cards...I think it only effects PPD if you are watching a movie or something GPU intensive.
hmm, I guess that maybe my 8800gts 640mb 96SP just folds really well at home or something because it does 100-200 PPD more then the 9800gt I have running on the 1680 WU and the 8800gts is 1 shader strap below the 9800gt. Could be because the 8800gts is in vista rig I guess.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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