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dual monitors on 9800 GX2

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So I plugged a second monitor into my 9800 GX2, but I'm having a really hard time getting it enabled. It's detected in both nvidia control panel and Windows, but it disables itself every time I hit enable. It seems that the card is stuck in SLI mode because when I go to "set multi GPU configuration," the "activate all displays" option is greyed out. All drivers are up to date, as is Windows.

Specs: Phenom II 955
ASUS M4A79T Deluxe
HD 5770 - 3x HG281D in eyefinity
9800 GX2 - Dell E196Fp (working) + Dell E177Fp (not working)
250 GB 7200.10
Windows 7 x64
OCZ Gamexstream 1010w

EDIT: I ticked the box to enable SLI and got a BSOD. Uninstalling nvidia drivers now.

EDIT 2: After rebooting, Windows reinstalled the driver. Same problem. I'm uninstalling CCC and nvidia CP now. Maybe if I install nvidia cp first, it'll work.

EDIT 3: BSOD on startup. it was caused by something nvidia (filename started with nv). I ran driver sweeper again and got a bootup.

EDIT 4: I Installed the 275.33 drivers and it started hanging on the "starting Windows" screen. I switched the cards' slots. It booted up to a "windows is not genuine" screen. Ugh. The nvidia control panel is nowhere to be found and my monitor isn't recognized by Windows.

EDIT 5: Installed 266.58. Both monitors on the GX2 are working, but the 3 on the 5770 still are not due to lack of driver.
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Update: I finally got it working. Here's how:

-Uninstalled all AMD and nvidia drivers.
-Installed the nvidia 266.58 driver
-booted into safe mode to set the resolution (it wanted to do 6028x120 on a 17" dell...)
-Installed CCC 11.6
-disabled both monitors on the GX2
-enabled eyefinity
-enabled both monitors on Gx2

So... yeah. Next time I'm gonna make sure I go all AMD or all nvidia. At least I got it working.

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