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hi, i currently have two monitors:
CRT Viewsonic e90fb (VGA)
LCD Viewsonic vx922 (DVI)

and I would like to play games on the CRT and other stuff on the LCD. I know how it works basicly but my desktop in on the CRT (primary) and theres nothing on the LCD except the wallpaper.

Yesterday night, i got it working this way :
Wallpaper on the CRT and the desktop on the LCD. When I launched the game, it launched on the CRT. So that was perfect. But today when i booted my comp, the taskbar was on one monitor and the icons on the other

Now I just have my wallpaper on the LCD and the CRT (primary) has the desktop and everything else.

so what im looking for is to bring back the desktop on the LCD and just play games on the CRT that has only the wallpaper.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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