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So not long ago I went and got a new setup that is Dual Socket E5 2680 V2 which go about 3.4ghz on 6 of the 10 cores, which I assign 6 to games only. (the issue here is the 4 that are assigned to the game are not all maxed turbo, seems like the turbo mode still just floats around all 10 on that one CPU)

My motherboard brand Tyan S7050 a simple or say cheaper model motherboard for servers. I have 64gig of ram ECC 1600Mhz in it and a 1080gtx.

Now over the last few weeks, I have been trying to get this Issue fixed. As to why it would do this one thing. STUTTER and lower fps, in high intense video games or should I say more demanding (Battlefield 1, PUBG, Fortnite) my fps is not as good as it used to be like my old setup and I would get stuttering and low fps jumps. I am talking from 120 to 70 (but feels like 25-30) then back up again in a matter of seconds and it does it a lot.

WhatI have seen online to what my setup feels like it does not feel the same. I have seen Xeon 2670's running games better than mine.

So this is what I have in my setup right now.

Tyan S7050 motherboard LGA 2011 Dual Socket Board

E5 2680 V2 x2 – Turbo is 3.6ghz one core and around 3.4ghz on 4 cores normal is 2.8ghz or 3.1ghz on all 10.

1080GTX Graphics Card

64Gig of Ram ECC Memory at 1600Mhz

USB 3.0 PCI Card

Sound Card in PCI slot also.

SSD 500gig 850

Firecuda 2tb HDD

PSU 850watt Platnium

Running on Win 10 Pro

So what have I done to troubleshoot?

1. Clean install of windows 10 no drivers – Everything on the board.
2. Removed USB 3.0 card
3. Removed Sound Card
4. Graphics card and CPUs are only in it
5. Changed slot for GPU
6. Turned Turbo Mode off
7. Turned USB 2.0 off on the board
8. Tried with fresh Win 7 Install
9. Only allocated 4 CPUs to the system which all for on turbo goes to 3.4ghz and still stutters in games.
10. RAM Test
11. CPU Test
12. Speed Stepping Off
13. Taken out one CPU and only used the one.

14. swapped the CPUs on that one socket.
15. Replaced the Bios Chip

I am looking for someone who has a Dual Socket Gaming/Rendering rig that could give me some insight into what could be causing this issue.

I am using this PC for my Rendering/Game Dev and to play some games. Instead of having to upgrade my current gaming rig.

Thanks all

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I wonder if the Intel Turbo Boost Max driver/utility will work for you. The E5-2680 V2 is ITBM 2.0.

I use it when I am not all-core overclocking a system, but only on recent CPUs with ITBM 3.0.

Might work?

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