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dual xeons with ultra x-finity 600watts sli?

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was wondering if anybody has any insight into this, talked to the company who made my mobo (iwill) because of a problem i am having, see intel mootherboards sections for those details. They told me to make sure the power supply could handle it so i called ultra and they have on the website works with intel and amd boards and when i called they said it would work with a server board and has the 24 pin and 8 pin eps, so my question is will it work with dual xeon cpus (3.2gig 800 fsb 1mb L2 cache)??
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just by the shear fact the motherboard call for a 460 watt supply it would work so thank you for the input, i can get one more thing off my mind as to what the problem is.

About the computer, yeah i'm in college for engineering so i want to be able to run everything with no problems plus have a gaming machine.

Thank you markuk3.

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