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dumb question, how to lower fan speeds in bios?

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how can i set my fans to run at lower speeds? specifically my CPU fan. my 2 case fans both stay around 1000rpm, whereas my CPU is always around 2000-2500rpm, i want to see if i can lower it down n' make it quieter, but im a bit confused what i need to do in BIOS/whatever to make this happen
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Speedfan would actually be the easiest way to do it as BIOS settings can be pretty limited... if speedfan doesn't work, you'll probably have to just bite the bullet and buy a fan controller. My suggestion would be the Sunbeam Rheobus - it's great bang for the buck.

Good luck
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yeah, speedfan only seems to work on my CPU fan, but not my case fans :-/
Where are your case fans plugged in?

if its connected directly to the PSU, you can't adjust the speed... the only hack you can do is make them run at 7V instead. google "7V molex".

if its connected to the motherboard...
go to your bios, and then find the fans options... (usually in PC HEALTH STATUS)
2 case fans are molex, 2 are connected to the mobo, but the ones on the mobo, ive tried tweaking them with speefan, but they dont change
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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