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Dumb vinyl question.

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If I what to rip a record do I go: turntable>preamp>soundcard or turntable>preamp>amp>soundcard?

Also what is the best program for ripping? Audacity?

Thanks! Hopefully will have my vinyl rig finished by the end of the year.
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Pre-amp to sound card should be just fine. Which table are you using. Some have a USB connection so you can plug it right into your PC.
Most you have to go through a pre-amp/mixer then to the PC.
Its an old Garrard, I think its from the 70's and i don't think they had USB then lol.
lol..yeah...prob not....so yeah, table>pre-amp>pc will do the trick.
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Thanks! Any recommendations for a ripping program?
I would think Audacity would be the best free ripper.
Audacity. It's free.
And you would only need an amp for playback. The preamp is just to get the sound up to line level.
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Yes I would use Audacity. It is easy to use and will not cost you anything. You will be able to rip some good copies of the records.
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