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Dungeon Keeper on Windows 7?

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I thought maybe DK (BEST game ever) would run on windows 7, as it seems to be vista without all of it's ******ed problems, but no, same problem. Could anyone tell me how to run it?

PROBLEM: Loads spalsh screen, then restores desktop with game window in a black square at the top left, then says KEEPER95.exe has stopped working.

****: I'm already using Compatibility settings and Run as Admin. seriously, people who suggest that people havn't already thought of that are pretty damn dumb.

Im running windows 7 on an AMD Athlon II... in fact, to hell with it you might as well read my system specs

Thanks guys,

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Try out http://www.dosbox.com/download.php?main=1

If that doesn't solve it post back.

Also if you need help using DosBox just ask

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tried that, gets illegal write issues, even on RUA.
Definitely best game ever.

Windows 7 is basically the same code as Vista, just tightened up, this won't "fix" older applications (atleast 90% of them) just because.

Have you looked to see if it works on Vista or there are any fixes that are applied?

Also, try this:
Go to System, Advanced System Settings, hit Settings under Performance, click on Data Execution Prevention tab and add the game exe to the list.

Let me know how that works.
Following the closely as i have DK2 i'd love to have working
Oh yeah, forgot about DEP
will post to tell you how it went.
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naaah, still doesn't work D: I'll try a couple more things, post here if you find a solution.
Ok, for the die hard gamers out there.

How to run Dungeon Kepper on Win7 when you are desperate!

Needed software:

A copy of Dungeon Kepper (duh!)

Virtual Box from Sun:


Gentoo Linux





1. Install Virtual Box:


2. Install Gentoo as a guest os OS (follow instructions from Virtual box once its installed)

3. Download and Install DosBox on Gentoo

4. Follow DosBox instructions on how to run games


5. Have a great time

I hope this helps if anyone is really really wanting to play some old game.
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damn troll guests, **** our message board or contribute.

Hey !

Anyone looking to get this amazing game working on Win 7? The link above works. Just download the "complete file" follow the simple intsrtuctions on the readme page of the site and all you need is the original cd which you can pick up for a few bucks on Amazon. Played it all day today as off work sick and the gamplay still holds the same charm it did when I spent hours playing it ditching school. Thanks to the dude who put this together. He has also added a number of mod campaigns, custom maps, ways to mess aroound with the settings, graphics, sound etc. Brilliant. Happy Keeping!

PS this took a couple of attempts to get it to install properly. The first time it couldn't find the files. I'm sure it was something stupid I was doing. Worked on the second attempt to install. No need for DOSBOX or such programs, works a treat and doesn't crash like it di on my Pentium 2 233mhz all those years ago. Need more help? [email protected]


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