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DVI vs VGA for TV

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Hello guys, today i have hooked up my old tv to my desktop. It is normal lcd tv and it is not HD. It has both the DVI port and the VGA port through which you can connect a computer. I first try to connect my comp through the DVI port. However, as it turned out the resolution was very low, so i decided to try out the VGA port. I connected it and the resolution of the screen is now much much better. But isn't the DVI connection supposed to be better? Did i do something wrong or wut is going on?

Thanks in advance.
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That's odd.

Perhaps you should play around with the resolution settings on your PC with the DVI plugged in and see if you can manually increase it.
Max i can get on dvi is 1024x768 , on VGA i get 1280x768
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dvi is digital vga is analogue btw; maybe your tv needs a better digital decoder or something.
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