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DVR DL Burner for Laptop systems

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We traded a socket "A" desktop for a Dell Inspiron 2650 Laptop a few weeks ago.
It had a problem, when booting, most time the message "Operating System not Found" would appear at the top of the screen.
The Laptop is only 3yrs old and very clean, I did not suspect any serious problems so I traded even with the fellow. He was happy and I am happy too.

I replaced the hard drive cage,adapter, and the drive itself. This fixed all these problems. I also added a 256mb stick of PC2100 memory.

After a lot of research and discussions with the Dell tech's as well as some other techs. I see that Dell is not prone to be truthful about thier systems. I was told that the laptop we owned would "NOT" support a DVDrw Burner. No explanation as to why. The processor is a P4 M 1.7 and is powerful enough to support a burner.
I ordered a generic Pioneer DVR-16K DL Burner for less than $90 delivered. This burner arived this morning and after a very simple install. The install of EMC 7.5, all is super. I burned a full DVD disk of photo's with a average burn speed of 8X. I burned files to a CDr disk, with an average speed of 10X. Perfect burns not a problem one.

After research of the drives, the NEC 6650 DL was the fastest burner, but seems most everyone is sold out at this time. Since I use a Pioneer DVR-108 in my desktop, I settled on the Pioneer drive for the laptop.

Seems as though the CDr drive, CDRW drive, DVDr, DVDrw all are of a generic design, they will fit most any major laptop you might have and work great. So you do not have to pay $300 for a DVR burner from the mfg of your laptop.
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What did the install entail? I have a HP Pavilion ze2000 and was considering this same upgrade.

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Originally Posted by CravinR1

What did the install entail? I have a HP Pavilion ze2000 and was considering this same upgrade.

Your new drive will not come with the attachment holder. You will need to remove that from your old drive and attach it to the new drive. You will need to use the attachment piece and the screws from your old drive. Slide the new drive into the system, screw the holder screw down replace all covers and battery. You will be good to install the DVD Burner software.
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