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Dynamic, fixed and logical etc

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Ok people I have my A+ exam on Wednesday but theres one thing I need brushing up on and thats hardrive partitioning, now I know all about RAID 0, 1 and 5 and those in between, know what an "active" partition is ie the os, know that you can partition a hardrive into parts ie one for os the other for files etc.

I cant grasp this dynamic, fixed and logical.

Just now I was using paragon partitioning software as I have just installed a 40gb ide drive as slave to play around on, I decided to partition it into two segments , so two 19gb's, it gave me the option of making it "logical".

Maybe I need to understand volumes more.

Thanks all.
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A logical partition is just a subpartition on a single disk.

A dynamic partition is one that can span multiple hard drives, and has more flexibility than a fixed partition. I believe a fixed partition is defined by the MBR and the dynamic partitions are defined by the OS.
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Thanks, getting there
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