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E2140 Problems!

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Heya all, this is like my second post here i think
but anyways i just got my p5kpl/1600 put the computer together and installed xp and atm trying to get some overclocking happening
but i cant push it further then 1.97GHZ
any higher then 246 Front side bus and the comp won't boot
i have also push vcore up 50mv i beleive :S ive got ram set to 667, vram set to min..

Also should i set pci freq to somthing im running a 9800GTX+ im pretty noob sorry just want to play some games and see if i can get the adobe suite to run alittle better
but any suggestions would be great. OH and running stock cooling
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Keep the PCI frequency default clocked. Increase the CPU voltage after it gets unstable.
It goes red after 50mv is that a prob?
Pushed vcore 2 max +150mv still couldn't move fsb any higher :S
bla this board apperently sucks for overclocking
oh wells guess im stuck at 1.9ghz better then nother
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if it's the p5kpl-vm your chance for overclocking aren't very good
I have that board and it only has the FSB, the pci frequency, and the ram frequency.
Like i had it my ram clocked @ 667 and it overclocked to 2.86GHZ so then oc'ed to 800mhz
and with it clocked @ 800mhz it overclock to 2.81 @ 965MHZ

it depends on ram mainly cuz thats a big factor for this mobo.
I had the OCZ platnium rev2 gave me like no overclock
the patriot signature gave me a 10% overclock
the patriot extreme performance ram i have now gave me like a 20 % overclock.

So only thing i can say is ram. for even trying this mobo.
Yea cool thanks found out by upping the ram voltage i could overclock it alittle more so if i have some better ram i should be able to get a stable overclock well pass 20% can get about 23% stable overclock on OEM crap ram so im hoping if i pick up some of those nice corsair ram chips with the nice heatsinks on em
i should be able to overclock it a fair bit.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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