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E2160 1.4v

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hy all to get my e2160 to 3.0ghz i have to give it 1.415 which is around 1.4 after the vdroop is this dangerous and will i damage my cpu?? but i can reach 2.85 on 1.35v

not really on the topic but ... wen i fail prime95 is there a way of finding out wot u have just failed on or isit just a FAIL??? CHEERS
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Haven't even hit factory max yet (1.5v). No worries. Some people run higher even for 24/7. Make sure temps are good so you don't throttle.
so even if i hit 1.5v and get 3.2ghz im still ok?? thats my aim
Yep, 1.4v is totally safe on a 65nm core. I'd not go over 1.5v, but up to that point should be fine so long as you keep it cool.

For prime, all that you need to know is that it fails. If you read the text in the box, it will say what failed, usually a checksum or something didn't meet the expected value. Basically, prime makes the computer do a lot of math and it already knows the answers, when the computer screws up and says 2 + 2 =3, it gets an F just like you would in math class
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you're perfectly fine. i ran 1.425v for 3ghz before vdroop for over 6 months and there were no issues.

don't go over 1.5v though
yeah you're fine.

I ran 1.65 thru a E2180 for 3 months. it still runs great.

like others have said, dont go over 1.5.
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