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E2200 overclocking voltage question

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HI All

I have a couple simple questions about oc'ing a E2200.
Right now I am running mine with a FSB at 880, approx 2.42Ghz.

First, at what point, on the FSB, will I have to increase the voltage? I know it
will be different from machine to machine. Im just trying to get
an idea here.

Second, once I hit that point how much do I increase the voltage by?
As little as possible? Say .05 or .10? More? Less?

Wasn't there a E2200 Overclocking thread on here at one point? I remember
seeing one. Maybe it was linskindom's?

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E2200 Owner here

It all depends on the chip. Personally, it takes 1.6v (insane) to get 3.5GHz the least bit stable. (that E2200 thread was probably mine) Voltage should be increase by around~ .125 volts if you can, slowly creep up. 3.0 GHz takes me about 1.45-1.475v to get stable. Good luck, Hope your is better than mine
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You will need to increase the voltage when the system starts crashing. Increase the voltage by as little as possible once the chip gets unstable, or if the chip is really unsable and you are not running super high voltage and you are sure the load temp is fine then you can make bigger jumps.

Im not looking to set any records here. I just want to get as much out of it as I can and keep decent temps while gaming. If I could get it to 3.0Ghz or close, I would be happy. Ive never ran any stress test using software. The only stress Ive put it under was gaming.

So far everything has been fine. Nothing over 30-32c on the cpu under load. I may make some bigger jumps to see what it will do. Any idea at what Ghz the cpu will be come unstable and need more voltage?

Probably around 2.8~3.0, thats were most start needing voltage. Im saying pump it and go, your not going to hurt it. We have very similar rigs!
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