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e4300 and a Zalman 9700LED

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I just went to my local pc to order an aftermarket cooler for my e4300 as temps with the stock Intel HSF are god aweful, and after looking at a few, I decided on the Zalman 9700LED. Now, I have NEVER bought an aftermarket cooler before and really had no clue what to go with, nor did my pc guy as he builds mostly "family" type computers, so I am kind of wondering if I made a descent choice. And also wondering what type of temps I should expect at 2.6GHz on stock voltage. Price is $70.99 CDN, is that ok as well?
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I get 17 C - 30 C on my E6600 on stock with that cooler. I used the zalman thermal grease.
They are crazy expensive. I wouldn't pay that much for a CPU cooler at all.

17-30c? What are your ambients...they'd have to be near...15?
yeah, 30 load is pretty dang cool...sure your temp monitoring software is repoting correctly?
Doubt it..but...err...what are your other options for coolers? Is there anything from scythe, they usually have decent prices...maybe an Ultra-120?
I've lots of options, I just didn't know what to chose. I've got until about Friday to change my order. So how much better is the Ultra-120 than the Zalman? Because if they are close, I like the look of the Zalman LED a little more...price isn't as much a factor as looks / performance.

As you see here 9700 Led competes with my Scythe Ninja which is kinda old and now it can;t be beaten by many. I do not think 9700 led is the best cooling solution you can get..

On the other hand Sunbeamtech's Ultra 120 extreme kicks @$$. So go with that without send thoughts.
like I said though, a good mix of performance and looks is what I'm going for. Absolute best performance is not needed. I'd be willing to sacrifice 2-3 degrees for a sweet looking cooler. Maybe some links for some other nice ones?
And why isn't good at looks the Ultra 120 extreme? After all you are the one that decides which fan s to mount. You could mount 2 led fans of your fav color and it would look good no?

Need I say more? Extreme practically owns em all at all the coolers! They seem very good with 2 fans too! I really think you should get it.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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