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E4300 in Asus P5pl2-e,trying to oc, cant set pci-express to 100, only auto works

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Hello everyone,

as the title says i am trying to overclock my cpu and currently am playing with the settings.. I had it at 3GHZ on stock cooling for a year and i decided to go get a Scythe Ninja 2 to get some less celcius on it and somemore oc...

Then i remembered a problem i had... Allthough i have the ability to set, from bios , the pci express freq ( auto , 90,91.... 150) whenever i setit on 90 or a number i get a black screen on reboot and i have to restart only for it to return back to default settings... If i decide to leave it to auto then oc works and goes till 3.33GHZ when then SATA isnot there... I know the problem in auto ( it gets the frequency higher, in 3GHZ the pcex freq was 112!! so i quess in 3.33 wouldbe omg..)

Anyone have a clue on this? I have read alot of posts of ppl having this cpu and doing miracles...And me am allways on 3 ghz and killing my gpu and all others with that auto setting... I didnt mess with ram timings ( set on ram provider timings) MCH and ICH made default values (first after auto) andvoltage have 1.35 ( default is 1.325).

TY for any help.
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Well i had the bios updated to the latest version ( there is another beta though that i didnt try). I dont really like beta bioses.. I think the mobo is no good in oc that much though for a year my pc is still alive.. I intent to update to new mobo and Q9550 on i7 but till then iwant to play oc with this one. Not to be able to lock the pci express though it has the option is abit silly. Unless i have an option that ididnt use (or set to auto that conflicts i dunno).. Ill check bios again
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