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e5200 @ 1.36 load temps

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I have my e5200 at 3.75 at 1.36 cpuz load. I am considering upgrading to a xigy 120mm if the temps are a big difference. My scythe andy currently gets to about 65* during full orthos load.

If others who have their cpus at 1.36 load could post their temps and cpu coolers, i would be much appreciated. I know 65 isn't too hot, but if others are getting -5* than that at full load, i would consider shelling out the $40. Money is tight right now, so i want to know others before shelling it out.

I am especially interested in results with the xigmateck 120mm tower coolers.
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What is your ambiant (room) temp?

I get 52c with my sig rig both cpus at 100% folding and 61c running occt's small ffts with an ambiant temp of 22c and 46% humidity.
i have my [email protected] 3600([email protected] 1.38idle 1.365load) with a vendetta2 on it and 75cents of 1/4" plexiglass as a backplate and a few screws instead of pushpins, i get around 57C load with orthos small fft and 60C with intel burntest running
but my ambients run anywhere from 24-27C so

but most likely would be a little higher if i didnt have my beloved sanyo denki h101 on there so im not too sure how the xiggy fan would do
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