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E6300 Oc

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I have an E6300 that I OC'd to 2.0 Ghz. Sometimes when i play BF2 the game crashes, also my comp just seems like its been running weird. Do I need to up the voltage at all. I will be keeping it at 2.0 permanently. Also it runs around 45C and I was wondering if that is too hot???? Please H3lp
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Hi riflemen29,

How are you measuring your temps? Was the 45C temp reading you report measured at idle or under load? If you're measuring temps with Asusprobe (which measures Tcase of the CPU) thats pretty warm, particularly if the reading was taken at idle. If the reading was taken with Core Temp (which measures the actual temperature of each core) it's pretty cool for a load temp considering that you're using a stock cooler. That's because core temperatures typically measure at least 8c higher than Tcase.

Have you tested the rig for stability with at this overclock with something like Orthos or prime95?

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