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E6320 over clock help

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Hey guys i got my self a new Main board and CPU the other day . I am starting to over clock now . I am getting to 2.5 ok so far temps hitting about 45c when running orthos as a stress test. It locks up at about 4 min into the test. I am thinking that the voltage might not be enough . The BIOS is stating that the Normal voltage is 1.31250 V the next option i can go to is 1.31875v then 1.32500v. I am think that these jumps are a tad hi. I am used to OC AMD CPUS . Am i just being over concious.

CPU stock



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check the link in my sig for the e6320..I had to use 1.34vcore for 2.8ghz to be stable...thats not a lot at all..Intel spec is 1.35v max. Hell, I run 1.52-1.58vcore on my e6700..its fine, as long as you keep it cool.

Heres my orthos, to compare..10min.
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yea bump up your vcore, mine is running at 1.475 at 3.4ghz, orthos fully stable and temps are barely 40c loaded.
What is the best thing for testing temp
i'm only running a 1.28vcore to run 2.975GHz on an e6320, and it's as stable as they come.

44c on intel oem box fan, after close to 8 minutes of full load

it's what i leave it on all day. maybe i just got a freak, but you won't hear me complaining

<edit> i can run it at 3.15GHz stable with the voltages you are running at 2.8GHz, and at 1.37v runs at 3.237GHz
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i ran the cpu up to 3 ghz on a core at 1.35V goes on othos for about 35 min the crashed after the screen saver on. so took it back to 2.8 and it crashed after 3 min of testing ????????????????
sounds like another setting is to blame. For now, leave your vcore and your cpu speed alone.

List your mobo settings, for your oc, please.
Currently settings are for 2.8 :

CPU host Freq : 400 MHZ
Sys Mem Multy (SPD): 2.00
Ram 800mhz (for divider)
CPU V 1.3500

Can take a picture if thats easyer
Yes please...I am talking about NBv, SBv...etc
1. what kind of RAM do you have?

2. Those overvolting options...whats 'behind' them?

3. Your cpu vcore is set to 1.35, but drooping to 1.31, which is probably too low, I bet you adjusting the 'cpu overvolting' will cure the vcore droop.
well all the Over voltages come up in the menu is :


i can select any of these

As for ram i have PNY DDR2 800 PC 6400
So if you select +0.2v for your CPU overvolt, does it bump the vcore from 1.31-> 1.33 ?
i have upped the FSB over volt buy 0.1 cant see a difference in the Normal voltage. but when i run CPU Z and othos at the same time can see the Voltage throttling

Originally Posted by CL3P20 View Post
So if you select +0.2v for your CPU overvolt, does it bump the vcore from 1.31-> 1.33 ?
0.1 isnt 0.01.
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of course it is not i did not put 0.01 i put 0.1

I am going to have to read-up on the DS3's bios a little foist..mmk?
Thanks for the help. if i set it to auto it seem to be ok but ups the core voltage in cpu z 1.36 and 1.37... whats MMK ???
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