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E6400 ,p5B deluxe & E6600,p5K deluxe phasechange Overclock

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p5b del no mod & 6400
no bad for one normal 6400

This weekend i will try p5k deluxe
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Dang. Phase kills!

Nice OC! Let's see some P5k Results!

Originally Posted by Knitelife View Post
Nice OC hiwa.

Now set that chip to 9X multi and push it up to 4.5Ghz!
ok , and thx
what you think about Q6600 is that overclockable ?
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Edit, nevermind, I saw the E6600, not the E6400 in your title.

that's just a normal L625A 6400 with 505 fsbwall this weenkend i will OC my 6600
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