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e6400 temperature question

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I'm currently running at 2.85GHz with vcore at 1.250 in bios (1.216 after vdroop). Idles in the 30'sC. Normal surfing etc in the high 30's. Light gaming in the 40's. If I run Ortho and monitor with TAT the temperature stabilizes aroung 54-58C after about 10-15 minutes. However, ASUS Probe and MBM5 show CPU temperature 5C HIGHER (63C) and the MB temp is around 39C.

Should there be that much difference between the CPU temp and the core temps?

Should I stay with my current settings (seems kind of a sweet spot) or do I have enough leeway to up it?

BTW it's a week 29B. P5B deluxe, Scythe Ninja.

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2.86GHz.... push it! In my experience, upping the voltage to get to 3.2GHz only added 1C of load temp.
im getting your temps with around 3.1 and I live in FL with around 75 outside but thats with my 6300
Anybody have an answer for my first question?

Should there be that much difference (5C HIGHER) between the CPU temp and the core temps?
The variation between Idle and Load is indicitive to the efficiency of your cooling.

My system idles warm (about 44C, but full load (P95 or Orthos) is around 48C...somtetimes 50C), that's with TAT. BIOS is 32C - 80% load)

Bear in mind, this is during the winter in the Northern hemisphere, Summer will be a whole new ballgame.

I would try to keep the difference within 10-12C. Lapping helps tremendously.
sorry, the question was "why is there a 5C HIGHER difference under full Orthos load between TAT (58C) and ASUS Probe/MBM5 (63C) measured at the same time after temperature has stabilized". Note, the motherboard temp is 39C. Also when I drop the load the temp plummets to the very low 40s within seconds.
...location of the temp-sensing diodes. TAT reads from the cores, other monitoring programs utilize diodes that are futher away.

Sorry I misunderstood your question.
Depends on the mobo. My P5B deluxe, like yours reads usually a couple to few degrees different than TAT on PCProbeII. On my P5WDH however, TAT and PCProbe can be 15C different from each other for cpu reading
. So asus probe is so far off it's sickening, when TAT tells me 55 under load, probe tells me 40 lol.

Like syrillian said, it's sensors in different locations. Depending on the mobo, they can vary a little or alot. PCProbe is trying to "guess" if you will what cpu temp is, by going off a sensor that's probably near, but not at the core. I have no idea why they do it that way, since it's obvious that it's painfully wrong sometimes. It changes with other softwares as well, you might try 3 different cpu temp reading programs, and have them all tell you different. TAT though is the one you always believe, it gets the temp right off the core. I would disregard what asus probe says for cpu temp, most likely it's not true.
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thank you for the answer, I suspected as much. I was just wondering why the cores were cooler than the cpu (and stayed cooler longer too)- and why ASUS Probe is so poor at knowing what the temp really is. The cpu temperature seems very sluggish too while the core temps drop fast.

I do note that TAT/Core Temp track and MBM5/ASUS Probe track, but neither pair track very well with the other pair.

Where is the motherboard temp sensor located for the P5B Deluxe?

My e6400 @ 3087 MHz on 1.3V. Idle temp is 26°C(Ambiant +9°C) in probe2 and Cores are 18°C(ambiant+1°C) and 16°C(ambiant-1°C) in everest. And mobo is 25°C idle.

Load temps(orthos) are 45°C in probe and 35-36°C in everest (cores).
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