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E6550 OCing

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Anybody else out there OCing Intel E6650. Just trying to see if anybody else
has push it pass 3.3mhz or higher
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I had my old e6550 @ 3.8 for a while, i still love that cpu.
my ram is too weak to push past 3.2 atm polls at 3.35 but no further. im a newb overclocker though so with alittle more knowledge i could probs push it a little further with my current ram!
read a little on your P5KC MB. I would try DDR2-1066MHZ. I would stay from DDR3 and
watch higher heat from OCing your E6550 with a stock cooler. Thanks for answer and
good luck on OCing your rig.
My motherboard is quite awful i have to admit but it's running good with a OCZ Vanquisher on my cheap mobo.

Designed just for basic systems seems like i only got FSB , PCI & memory clock speed.

Running with 1.28 V i have it maxing out to 50 degrees celcius with the CPU @ 2.8GHZ & the ram @ 965MHz.
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I like that!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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