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E6750 G0 Stepping Tj Max ?

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Hey guys

Ive never really found out what the Tj max is for my chip.

Using programs like Realtemp/Coretemp/HW Monitor they all have different TJ max settings.

Real temp was 100
Core temp 95
HW Monitor 95.

Does anyone know the correct Tj max for this chip ?
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It looks to be 90C, and that's what I had mine set at when I had my E6750.

PS. If you ever want to push that CPU higher, shoot me a PM, I have the same board as you.
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Hmm intresting stuff .

See my debate is that if i set it to 90 Tj max the temps are 18 and 19 Degress

At 95 Tj max its 22 and 23 .

Now my ambient temp atm in sydney is 15 Degress celcius.

Im more inclined to believe the 22 and 23 Temp.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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