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e6750 oc issues

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About 2 weeks ago I was able to run orthos blend test stable for over 12 hours with the oc in my sig rig. I had gotten new memory, g.skill PI's, and my oc went amuck. I'm back using my HZ's but have some issues. I started from scratch with my current oc. Set fsb to 450 with nb at 1.26 volts, sb at 1.2. Set cpu multi to 6 (2.7GHz at 1.35 volts). Mem was at ddr2 900 with timings to ensure fsb stability. Ran orthos blend for just over 18 hours.

Next I played with mem timings and stable at ddr2 1080 at at 2.34 volts (orthos large in place fft about 12 hours).

Finally put cpu multi back to 8 (3.6GHz at 1.43125 volts) and ran a blend test. Failed after 2 hours. Why would it be able to run stable blend test previously but not now under slightly changed settings? Running orthos small fft to test just cpu but still somewhat confused.....
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Mine's a little iffy too, I'm trying to figure it out
Nothing over 3.2 works on my computer, and I think the E6750 is a locked Multiplier CPU, which is aggrevating.

So 400FSB (3.2ghz) it is.
Ahh well I see major improvements anyways so it's fine. Instead of 50% solid on sins of a solar empire I barely touch 15
On my ABIT IP35 pro I had my e6750 at 3.4GHz with no issues what so ever. Whats bugging me is that on my ASUS P5Q-E I had it stable at 3.6GHz. I decided to try new memory and ever since then it has been unstable. I can run small FFTs in orthos without errors. I can run large in place FFTs without errors. For some reason though when it comes to the blend test it fails.

Does anyone know why this would happen? Maybe a bump in NB voltage?
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