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e6850 overclock

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Asus Rampage Formula
E6850 @ 3.6 Ghz
4x1 GIG Dominator 1066 8500
XFX 8800 GTS
Corsair HX620 Watt
Asus silent square evo cpu cooler
Antec 1200 9 controlable fans
Windows 7 64bit

i want to clock my cpu above what it is at now but i am restricted by my ram. how can i get around this im sure there is a way im just new to overclocking
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Give the cpu more voltage. That chip has alot left in it.
Put more voltage through the CPU. And if ur RAM is getting too high, change the ratio around... Should be an option of CPU:RAM
How are you restricted by your RAM? You have plenty of room. If you set your RAM to 1:1 you have lots of room. Wait til you find your highest stable overclock, then you can see how far your RAM will go. I don't think you will make 533 at 1:1 on your RAM.
Edit: Are you saying you are restricted because you have 4X1GB of RAM? Have you tried more NB voltage?
i mostly have everything on auto

my multi is at 9 and my bus is at 400

if i try to go anything above that it wont boot and i get a det ram on my post screen

i dont see any options for my ratio on the bios though
well if its 1:1 if my fsb is at 400 is my ram at 400 or 800? cause i cant seem to do anything with my ram past 800
maybe i can take a pic of my bios see if u can help me out 1 min ill do a quick restart wish i had a laptop atm
Try overclocking with two sticks of ram for now, you might have a bad stick that doesn't want to run near stock speeds. In theory, you should be able to drop two more sticks in when you get a solid overclock and have the motherboard adjust voltages for you.

ill try with 2 but could it possibly be that the ram runs at 800 in dual channel ?
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Here should be your BIOS. Set FSB strap to auto and set DRAM freq to 400.

Edit: Oh I see. I thought it said 400. Yes, you have it set right. You need to set your voltages manually. Set your RAM voltages to what it's rated for( If you don't know what it's supposed to be, can you post a link to it). Set your NB to 1.4, CPU PLL to 1.5, FSB to 1.3, CPU GTL to 0.63 and NB GTL to 0.67.
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my fsb strap is on auto and with my fsb frequency at 400 the lowest my dram freq shows is 800 which u can see in the pics i posted

Originally Posted by palla2442 View Post
my fsb strap is on auto and with my fsb frequency at 400 the lowest my dram freq shows is 800 which u can see in the pics i posted
Yes, see my edit above.
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oh ok just got edit thanks ill try all of that
k i set all of that now what should i try cause i dont see a difference

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i didnt try to up it i will try i didnt know if u wanted me to see if that worked first or anything
Yeah, try that and see if you can get any higher. If you can only get a little higher, try bumping your CPU voltage. As long as your temps are OK you can go up to 1.5v. I's start around 1.38 or so for CPU.
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