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e8400 C0 1.225VID

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I traded for this E8400 about a month ago and I decided to get a golden sample E8400 from a member on here, so the C0 has got to go.

This chip has been suicide volted to 1.65v for the overclock validation link in my sig. It also ran @ 4275mhz 1.51v for about 1 week, 4005mhz @ 1.44v for about 2 weeks, and recently 3600mhz @ 1.36v. I really havent tweaked enough to figure out what its perfect voltage/overclock combo is in my board since the board has bee so inconsistent, so I have overvolted it. In the interest of full disclosure I am being honest here

Temperatures MAXED at 56-58c @ my 4.2 and 4.0ghz overclocks, because the suicide runs were never ever loaded, just validated for CPU-Z.

This is for the chip and protecting backplate only. Prices shipped in CONUS please!
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About to post it for sale!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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