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e8400 o/c help

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i was pretty sure yesterday i overclocked my e8400 to stability @4.05Ghz, but it failed prime 95 9 hours into it, by freezing. And now, in cpuz the core speed and fsb fluctuate a lot from 4050.0 to 4049.0. I also keep failing cpuz validation, which doesnt make sense because it is pretty stable right now.
vcore: 1.3625v
fsb voltage: 1.35v
spp: 1.45v
nf200: 1.35v
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Instead of using prime95, give Intel Burn Test a shot when testing stability. 8 minutes of that is roughly equal 8 hrs prime.

I can't get 4005 out of mine either. VID is 1.225
ok thanks, will try, oh and thats a low vid man, nice!
wait use OCCT. it's very good and quick
a 2 hour test will make sure it's solid
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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