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e8400 or Q6600?

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Would it be worth upgrading from the e8400 to a Q6600?
Some dude is selling me his Q6600 G0 + a Xig s-1283 for $140.
The dude said he was able to OC it to 3.6ghz on a WC Set up.
So I just wanted to ask.
Imo it's pretty cheap.
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$140 for a Q6600 and a Xiggy! Crap thats a great deal!

But if you do mostly gaming with your rig, I would just stick with the e8400. It's much better for gaming, now if you video encode, photoshop or anything like that get that quad.
Your gonna go quad before you know it, so you might as well get the Q6600 and sell off the E8400.

If can get 100 bucks (prolly more) for the E8400, you just got a Q6600 for 40$ which is completely worth it.

Do it. Nao!\\

edit : a q6600 @ 3.2 Ghz + is enough for any game ... take it form me.. you wont see the dif between 150 fps on your q6600 and the 160 fps on your e8400 games that use only 2 cores, but you WILL see the difference in games which you got 100 fps on your e8400 and 180 fps on your Q6600 cause they use all the cores!.. yes i can't type tonight.. dont make fun of my typage.. just read it.
Go with the Quad you wont regret it.
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How is the q6600 for Gaming though?

Originally Posted by rsfkevski
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E8400 = Better Gaming
Q6600 = Better Video Editing and Encoding
Ziggy = Awesome for any application

3GHz E8400 = Good Gaming
3GHz Q6600 = Better Gaming

4GHz E8400 on games that are Quad optimized = Good Gaming
3GHz Q6000 on games that are Quad optimized = Better Gaming

Don't feel like turning of that:
Firefox with mutliple tabs
3 other games you have Alt-tabbed
5 WMP11 windows you accidentally started
Pausing that big 20GB Winrar unpacking

-to get good FPS while you play games
Then go for a Quad.
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i agree with the above posts

the Quad for gaming is very very good. i do a lot of virtualisation as well and this quad helps me make that run easy. for that price you'd be foolish to not go quad tbh

... my GTA IV frames literally doubled when i jumped from a 3ghz E2160 to my 3ghz Q6600. worth it?

worth every red penny, i tell you
Good deal. Even better if it is a low vid chip. More games starts to use quad as time moves on.
Ok im talking to the guy.
oh man that is such a good deal. If i didnt already have a Q6600, i would be all over that. Do u know the VID of the chip?
I sent an email.
But he hasn't responded.
Lol, I got to see if the guy still has it and I gotta find out the Info on that chip.

Originally Posted by IamRolks View Post
Ok im talking to the guy.
ROFL @ your sig.
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Lol yeah that was hilarious.
Some local dude offered $130 for it.
That's why I'm trying to get this Quad. Lol
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