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e8400 Temps.

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My cousins e8400 being cooled by a Xig-s1283 is at about 34c @ Idle and 47c @ Load. Are these temps alright or are they a bit off?
He's using AS5.
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They could be lower but they are quite safe.
Sound right to me if it ant overclocked. I get about 63c at a 4.1ghz oc with 1.39 core volts
Yikes thats kinda warm :/

Thats on stock volts? I load at 40c or so
Yeah they're perfectly fine. What's he overclocked at and what's the vcore?
Intel states the max safe temp for this processor is 72.4°C so you're well within the safe zone
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Oops forgot to add he's at 4ghz @ 1.296v
Pretty similar to mine only his is E0 I think.
thats about right.

what are the ambient room temps?
I have no idea.
He lives in his own house. Lol.
That sounds just fine man
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