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These really should go as a combo, reasons below.


The cpu listed has bunk temp sensors.

CPU has run 445x9 @ 1.5v bios, 1.453v idle, 1.434v load for about 8 months, and has a VID of i cant really say, many boards i have tried have given me VID ratings of anything from 1.112 ( GA-G33M-S2 ) to 1.325v ( P5Q-EL ). current board shows 1.225v

I have tried to use MANY OCable mATX boards with this cpu, the 2 boards that work without kicking off ( sensors show as 264C, or every once in a while 32,34,36C but do not change from load-idle. ) are the lised board and the Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2

I would rather these went as a pair as they are tested, tried, and functional together.

When listing your appraised price, PLEASE SPECIFY IF IT IS BUNDLED OR NON

I Do NOT expect to get much out of these, i received the chip used with the bunk sensors, but have never had any issues under my large, but aging coolermaster heatsink.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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