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E8500 overclock

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Hello ! Well in the past year I have overclocked my cpu at a lot of different clocks. I have always only changed vcore and disable speedstep. But now I am trying to get a stable 4,4 GHz and I am having a hard time ( I can play all my games fine but a CPU test fails pretty quickly). So am now wondering if I should like start playing with some other settings like ram , and LLC. So I am kind of wondering what I should try first, and what are the settings that could help me achieve a nice overclock

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alot of things tie into how stable your system is on an overclock. it could be North and South Bridge voltages, it could be your RAM timings, it could be FSB, it could be RAM failure over time.

My old Gskill HZ memory failed me after about a year.

ID start with RAM timings first.. loosen em up and see how that is. if that doesnt work play with the FSBx Multiplier a bit.. See if its better at the same speed with lower FSB x Higher Multiplier. Then if you feel comfortable you can try raising the voltages applied to the RAM and Bridges and CPU

hope this helps you get an idea
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