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E8500 vs Current Q6600

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At stock speeds on both, which would be better to run with my 5850. I own both these chips, but I want to know if the 8500 will be ok?
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It might be a tossup. You can overclock the Q6600 to around 3Ghz and it will eat the 8500 for breakfast esp with 4 cores and it would give you more for your money.

About the specs, 8500 has sse4 so if you're encoding with HD codecs, it will be better for that. IMO stick with the quad core because even at stock if a program can utilize quad core will beat the 8500.
I realize if I overclock it it will be better, I'm just asking without it!
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With or without Quad is better. The dual days are coming to an end.I played dragon age on both dual and quad and was shocked at the difference.
Just my opinion though.
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Teh Quad.
There is no point in having the Q6600 if you aren't going to overclock it (now days) because it is rather weak at 2.4Ghz compared to the whopping +3Ghz that is EASILY obtainable on this chip.

That is the general consensuses and almost anyone here with an OC'ed Q6600 can back that up.

I'm just asking WILL you be overclocking?
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