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e8600 OC

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Hi all,

Had my new pc since xmas and decided to have a little fun with it. Currently using an e8600 with an asus p5q-pro. Got into the bios just fine and on a mates recommendation bumped up the frequency to 440 and the vcore to 1.4v. Im a little concerned thats a bit high but thats another problem. Exited the bios, booted fine. Using cpu-z i noticed that the frequency didnt stay on 4400mhz, it went between 4400 and about 2000. Is there some setting thats doing that? I ran prime95 for an hour long torture test with no problems. Afterwards jumped into a game since it was raiding time (wow addict... oops) and it froze. Hm i thought, restarted pc, got into wow and... froze.

Given the above info is there any suggestions i can get as far as overclocking, cpu-z, or anything else that comes to mind?

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did you disabled c1e and intel stepping in bios. And yes 1.4 is to high for the oc. 440 you need at least 1.3
disable speedstep, C1E, and some thermal option. should be in the advanced chipset functions or something similar.

yeah, 1.4v is a little too high... intel and many members of OCN would recommend 1.36250v as max.

you will need to stress it much longer with small FFT's in prime95... would suggest 8-24 hours; or use intel burn test for about 20 tests.

use realtemp with a tjmax of 95C (in settings option; only for e8x00 chips) and ensure it doesn't go above 71C...

might want to add your rig to your sig as well, it'll keep everyone informed of what your pc build is.

good luck

I have disabled C1E and speedstep in the bios, thanks for that. I toned down the oc for the mean time until this weekened when i have some more time. Sitting at 4ghz stock voltage and seems ok, though i have not done any stress testing.

Before i did that however i did take the voltage down from 1.4 to 1.3 at which point it would not boot. Bumped it up to 1.37 but would get system hangs. Ill investigate more on the weekend, but if i am getting system hangs im assuming the solution is bump the voltage up in small increments until it stops?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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