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CCCP isn't bad but it's outdated and has had some playback issues for me, so after getting fed up with such issues i went about my own method of getting better playback in general.

Required Software:

MPC-HC or any other media play that accepts codecs, aka not VLC. I can reccomend KMPlayer, PotPlayer, and surprisingly enough without 3 billion codecs installed WMP usually works fine.
XY-VSFilter I've said get Xy-vsfilter and many people respond "go why? CCCP includes VSFilter already." As you know my goal here is to get a better codec setup then CCCP. So i'll explain what xy-vsfilter is, it's a faster more optimized fork of vsfilter. It doesn't make a huge difference with faster rigs but on slower rigs it does.
FFDShow I can't really say much here other then it's good old ffdshow and it's been update many times since cccp stopped updating. It even has QuickSync support now.
If you have playback issues with ffdshow I'd use LAV Filters, it seems to have just as good playback support but it's faster. Another benefit of LAV is that it supports dvxa, quick sync, and cuda.
Haali Media Splitter I use KMP myself and i've noticed i've needed it to get VSFilter to work correctly for some reason, so I've decided to throw it into this guide as well.

Optional Downloads:
MadVR It's an awesome Video Render, It's not a must have but I do like how it works.

Now onto the guide!

Step 1: Installation.

Install to where ever you want it to go, I installed the icons and translation as well, but that's not really needed. Next up FFDshow.

That's about all one will need, you can install everything if you really want to or have a use for it.

I usually disable the mixer, but some people have reported that they prefer to chose what actually matches their sound system more. I can see this being really useful for 5.1 audio systems with a 2.0 audio source, but alas I only have 2.1. So my final advice on this is if you have 2.1 or a 2.0 sound system don't bother with the mixer, but if you have a surround sound system I'd use it. I've tried headphone mixer with headphones and didn't notice much of a difference.

Haali Media Splitter:
Install it to where ever, I usually just throw it into program files. I'd tick avi support as i've ticked and circled. At this point the simplest parts are done.

xy-vsfilter is a bit more annoying to install. Extract vsfilter into something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\vsfilter or C:\Program Files (x86)\xy-VSFilter as this will make installation really easy. Simply extracting vsfilter into the folder doesn't install it to do this you have to register it. To do this open an Administrative Command Prompt (CMD), type/paste regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\xy-VSFilter\VSFilter.dll" At that point you should be good if you put it into \Vsfilter\vsfilter.exe change the command to this: regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\VSFilter\VSFilter.dll"

The line entered into CMD, it should look like this if it works:

Now if you got MadVR, the instal is pretty easy. Extract the rar where you want to install it too then run install.bat. NOTE: If you move the folder after running the install.bat you will break madVR.

Step 2: Setup.

Now it's time to run MPC-HC, when you first turn it on it'll ask if you want it to check for updates periodically. I myself let it check for updates, might as well keep it up to date.
Hit O on your keyboard or go View then click on options.

In this case we are using madVR so click madVR here. If you aren't using madVR just ignore this.

Un-check these as ffdshow will be handling this. Now click on external filters

Click on add filter, Now Add: Haali Media Splitter, DirectVobSub, FFDShow, audio Decoder, and FFDShow Video Decoder. It should look like the image below.

To make DirectVobSub to work (xy-vsfilter) you need to make it the preferred filter so click preferred. Hit ok and restart MPC-HC

Now it's simply making sure everything is working. Play a video right click then go up to filters and it should look like this:

Other notes: For those of you who followed Haruhichan's 10-bit playback guide, you'll find this in the troubleshooting:
If you're using MPC-HC's internal subtitle renderer and animations don't work properly or anything else looks wrong, enable "Allow animations when buffering" in the Subtitles menu. Note: The MPC-HC internal renderer uses the same exact rendering code as DirectVobSub, except it's also multi-threaded. Everything that DirectVobSub can play back, MPC-HC can too! It is not bugged or lacking.
This isn't quite true at all, I'm going to refer to the MPC-HC Internal Subtitle Render as ISR from this point out. You can see how ISR and Vsfilter work in this handy little graph
Now VsFilter isn't perfect and has it's own issues, with VsFilter the subtitles are rendered to the res of the original video resolution, not the output video resolution. Watching a 480p video at 1080p the subtitles can look a little blocky. That being said HD subtitles don't look bad at 2560x1440p, they do look a little pixelated but it's still quite readable. ISR actually renders the subs at your output video resolution, so you don't get the slightly pixelated subtitles but nice sharp subtitles. I will show you the reason why I chose VSFilter over ISR for subtitles.

This here is the subtitles at the Video Source Resolution
The subtitles look fine right? Now let's see what happens with resizing the video.

Now then what happened here, the typesetting completely broke for some reason.

Now with VsFilter and the subtitle's typesetting hasn't broken.

ISR and Vsfilter both handle coloring differently too but I don't find that it's a huge deal but here is an example, ISR is first and then VSFilter.



So in the end I fully believe that VsFilter is a better subtitle renderer even with it's resizing flaw.
Anyways that's about all I can write on this, If someone has any commments/feedback on this guide please leave them. If someone can write this up better then I can it would be much appreciated, I also think I don't have great formatting.
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