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Earbuds ~50usd for rock/metal

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About to get some earbuds again, keep ripping all of mine or something stupid happens. Finally replaced my cracked touch with a 2nd gen too so Im excited.

A good majority of the music I listen to is metal / death metal. Such as white chapel, suicide silence, rose funeral, stuff like that. Only a small portion is hiphop.
So something good in the way of highs/lows would be good, I believe thats what would be needed here.

Appreciate all reccomendations. Happy
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I was thinking some marshmallows, 66s?
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Jvc ha-fx66r
Googled a ****ton. Ordered some v-moda vibe's from B&H.
I have some Vibes, their awesome. I came in to the thread to recommend them.
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66's or Marshmallows are both good earpieces. I am thinking of the V-Moda vibes as my next upgrade, but I have high expectations as the Marshmallows are pretty damn good with the Kramer mod.
Good to hear it. I did a bit of googling for like X iem vs blank to try and get popular matches coming up. Found those with good reviews, and I like their style.
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