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Earbuds recommendations needed.

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I just got my Zune HD, and the stock earbuds, suck. The bass and lows are overpowered, so some of my songs sound terrible. I played Audiosurf and used some chiptune songs, as they have a high tempo, but I noticed that the bass and low notes were way too strong, and I couldn't hear some of the middle/high notes. Also, they can't be over $30 (if the difference in quality is large enough between $30 and $35, I'll go with $35)

tl;dr I need earbuds that are under $30 and do not have overpowered bass/low notes.

And they have to go in ear, like these CX300's:

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Beta Brainwavz: http://mp4nation.net/catalog/index.p...roducts_id=308

Review threads: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/r...inwavz-431394/

These seem to be one of the latest bang/buck IEM's right now, I'm actually tempted to pick me up a pair as well. If it matters though, it'll take a good week or two to get the IEM's, as they're shipped from China.

Another option would be the good ol' SoundMagic PL30's: http://head-direct.com/product_detail.php?p=37
Comes with a Fiio E3 headphone amp too.

A review can be found here: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/r...2-08-a-335851/
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Beta Brainwavz

Deal for Xmas - $25 instead of $35.


Or the SoundMagic PL-30


Reviews are in that link as well.

EDIT: You read my mind Kenny lol.
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Anyway, Head-Direct for US orders ship from NY so it'll arrive in no time if you plan on buying the PL-30's.
I'll be going with the Beta Brainwavz. Thanks for the links to the reviews and the recommendations.

Reps all around
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Ugh, I want to order a pair of Beta's so bad, but I have no excuse to do so. I have two other IEM's currently being shipped to my house :\\
Denon AH-C551k

These are what I have, can't say I've tried any other good IEMs to compare them to, but I think they sound pretty great.
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