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Originally Posted by ahson
Just wanna share this little tips with everyone here.
I know many members here knew this trick already...but oh well.....maybe 1 or 2 still havent know it yet....

By using CpuIdle....my CPU temp dropped from 39c to 31c (Idle Temp)

A simple trick to lower the CPU temp.

How CpuIdle works?! http://www.cpuidle.de/works.php

To Download http://www.cpuidle.de/downloads.php
yea but if u fold it will have 0 effect -- ditto for gaming

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Yea, you're right.

I just left the program to run @ the background...it will do the job when it is possible....

When its folding or gaming, since the CPU got not much usage left...so that program can't help to lower the CPU temp.
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