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EATX in cm690?

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Will it fit an EATX/ require modding to do so or will it not fit at all?
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I believe it will fit...I remember seeing the holes for MB screws...there's 2 rows on the right, one for ATX, the other for eATX I presume
it doesn't specify that it will fit an eatx on their website/specs. i'm not sure if it will or not.

Edit: looking at a photo of the mobo tray, it does appear that it would.
I can check when I get home tonight. I had a tyan workstation mobo in that thing for a while (while my Striker Extreme was out on rma), and I had to jerry rig a plate to mount the Dual xeon heatsinks to. If I remember right there is NOT enough room.

BAZMECC; the extra row of screws are for the cable management clips (which only make it messier).
Yeah I was just wondering because I saw the Classified was EATX except its really a bit smaller so I should be fine.
No, a CM690 doesn't fit EATX.
hi sir,,, am from Salem.. i need to know... Cooler master CM690.. supports E-ATX or not.. please clarify me
holy necro batman,

If you had read the thread before posting you would have found your answer above your own
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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