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ECS A780gm-a ultra now has core unlocking

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Hey ya'll i look for a bios update for my ECS a780gm-a ultra, and what do you know i now able to unlock my 4th core on my amd pII 720, but i cant get this forth core to be stable i've tried almost everything... i asume that this is just one core im not going to have stable. So id like to know if anyones got any tips for meh
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just means you werent lucky enough to get a non-faulty fourth core


You should of read this first
mmmm ya probably... and i've read that hehe. weird thing is i can play Cod4 MW2 for hours but running firefox makes the core crash... and it cant run prime95x64 blended test for a sec. turning ACC +2% all core, putting vcore to 1.55 and nb voltage to 1.4650. it seems to help with stablablity in firefox
oh ya clearly 1.465v for a 780g NB is bad... whats the safe max voltage for these chipsets?
im crossing my fingers that my 720 is quad with the fourth core disabled...
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i think 1.55 but i advise to stay lower than that unless you have water cooling
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