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ECS A780GM-A windows 7 drivers

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I am looking for an Audio driver that fits for windows 7 for my MOBO

i tried the ECS website.. it doesnt work..

does anyone have other options?
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It uses an IDT 92HD206. Weird, I've never heard of IDT...



End-User Driver Support Information for Windows 7, XP and Vista
Our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners have requested that all technical support for end-users and product related questions for their models be handled by the OEM directly.

We are not allowed to distribute OEM drivers to end-users, nor can we make modifications to the drivers outside of these manufacturer's specifications. Our OEM partners provides us with detailed feature-sets and behavioral specifications for every model. If a feature is not available, this is likely because they chose not to enable it in either software or hardware. IDT must comply with our OEM customer's specifications for their systems. IDT continually updates our OEM customers with new drivers that include bug fixes and new feature requests.

We recommend that you:
Use the driver supplied with your computer or obtain a driver update from the OEM manufacturer. For your convenience, a list of links to IDT's OEM partners is available here.

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so no windows 7 drivers for my MOBO then.. hhuhuhu...

any other options out there?
Email ECS to see if they have a beta driver.
that is a good idea.. emailing them now..
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