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ECS KN1 SLI Extreme problems...

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Just got a new MB (listed in subject) and Opteron 165 CPU. I am running everything at default speeds and even slowed my memory timings down to 3-4-4-11. I am using the memory in my sig along with an MSI 7800 GT video card. I have remove all other cards.

I can not, for the life of me, get my computer to run without freezing. I have tried taking half the ram out, fresh installs of XP pro, updated BIOS to most recient. No luck.

Any ideas anyone? I can usually figure this stuff out but I'll admit I am new to 64bit CPUs so am I missing something? Other settings I should set in the BIOS maybe?

Help PLEASE!!!! I'm dying to play BF2 like it was ment to be played!!!!
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Here is an update...

I FINALLY got Windows loaded and everything is rock solid. I tried everything including different HDs, PSUs, CD ROMs, etc. I finally took everything out of the case and tried it that way. The only thing I did NOT connect that I had connected before was the mouse and Patch cable into the second NIC.

I don't think it was the mouse as I think I tried to load Windows without it prior to this and it still locked up. So, as odd as it may sound, it looks like it was the patch cable. Now after I got Windows loaded, I installed the driver for the nVidia NIC, updated the one for the other, and set all my IP settings and plugged the patch cable into the nVidia one (i won't be using the second one for now). Like I said above, all is rock solid.

Just to comment on the stock cooler for the 7800 GT and the Zalman 9500, CRAP THESE THINGS ARE LOUD. I definately need a new video cooler and I might look into getting the Big Typhoon.
Interested to know how far you can push your OC. I've got the "lite" version of this board and while it was dismal with a a64 3500, I've been able to get my opty 146 up to 290Mhz FSB (2.9Ghz) at 1.55v and was able to go up to 275Mhz on stock voltage.

Does your mobo have 180Mhz as an option in your ram speed? That's my one and only complaint so far about my board. My ram was able to run at 275Mhz stable (ddr500), but I had to back it down at 280 and the first drop down was the 166 divider that puts me way down at 240Mhz when my FSB is at 290Mhz.
slo5oh 275mhz for memory is ddr550, that could be the max for your mem...
2.9ghz is a nice o/c
funny, i have the same board
the extreme one, that is.
no 180mhz isn't an option, i dont see why it would be.
great motherboard btw!
defiler, i suggest you get the NV silencer, its very quiet, and very cool.
i get 38C idle with a warm room temp and like 34-35 during the winter.
max ive ever seen is 48C. good cooler

i have no complaints with the board, although it was tough to find the cpu multiplier, for some reason its in power settings!
i guess if it were a laptop that would be useful as a power setting... but its not useful as a power setting on a desktop!
lol the cpu multiplier is called "hammer FID" for some reason..
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I have not attempted to OC anything yet. All my games run great for the time being and i have too much other shizzle going on ATM. Soon though.

On the suggestion for the GPU cooler, thanks fade. But after reading numerous reviews on the Zalman VF-900Cu, I think I am sold on it. But money is tight now and I might just go the water route. Time will tell.
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Originally Posted by noxious89123

***!? you have a mobo in your trunk?!***!

HA! Yeah...Had I should say. I sold that car but I am working on my next rendition for my current car. It will be considerably better. Optical out from the sound card to an Alpine H700 processor. 5.1 surround, DTS, etc.
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Man, thats weird, I was using the same ECS motherboard as you and I drive a grand prix as well!
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I have had major problems overclocking with this motherboard, everytime I overclock my FSB to 215 its stable, no problems but if I turn off my computer I lose my monitor, I get the no signal rubbish come up. Everything else seems to be working, windows loads but I can't see it. The only way I have managed to sort it out is to removed the CMOS battery and reset the CMOS but then I loose my overclock, any idea on this one guys?
Well, after some more issues I have FINALLY found the issue with this motherboard...err...Windows install media.

Just a quick history up to about 2 days ago. All was fine with this MB until I started having issues with the NIC not allowing me to surf the internet for extended periods of time. BTW I could never get the second NIC to install in Win XP SP2. The issue with the surfing was pages would just stop loading after about an hour of surfing. I got tired of rebooting all the time so I decided to uninstall/reinstall the (nVidia) NIC drivers. I could never get it to reinstall after I uninstalled it. I even popped a PCI NIC in to see if that would work and it didn't.

I wiped my drive and started from scratch. No go...The computer would freeze EVERY time like I have described above. I tried at least a dozen times to install Windows. Another FYI...I was using an unattended Corp edition of XP Pro with SP1 slipstreamed. Yes this is a legit CD. I have used this CD MANY times to test boxes and have had no issues installing it in the past.

Well, I decided to finally get around to slipstreaming SP2. I also removed the unattended install files. I did that and lo and behold the first attempt of installing it it went without a hitch. Both NICs work and I have no more issues doing anything with the network. WHAT A PITA!!!!
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