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ECS P4vxasd2+ (now with pics)

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Does anyone have any experience with this board?

I have tried 3 different video cars, both frequency's of SDRAM, and im getting no signal from the AGP port.

I have a P4 Soc-478 Northwood 1.8ghz with 400fsb.

i am getting power, but no error beeps or anything.

Can ANYONE help me with this ?!

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would the date of the bios have something to do with AGP signal?
Well BIOS updates can deal with anything. If a manufacturer notices problems in their product they release these updates to the public in order to fix them.

I'm not saying that updating the BIOS will fix this, but it may, and if updating doesn't fix it then there's one less thing to check up on, in order to fix your problem.
install your bios ,it controoles your agp socket ,i have a ecs l4vxa2.
how do i install the bios if i cant get any AGP signal?

Do i just turn the system on and put the drivers disc in? or a disc with the dowloan burned on?

Just wanted to put what happend into more detail.

I had this set up with:

Pentium 4 1.8GHz Northwood processor(400MHzFSB and 256 something)
2x 128Mb SDRam
250W power supply
Sapphire cpu cooler

It turned on, cpu fan was running, but i got nothing out of the AGP port, and no error beeps.

I have another computer working right now obviously, but id like to get this running so i can do some over clocking because my current machine is a pre-built with a locked bios.

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You need a better power supply. 250W is only good if you're running systems from the Pentium and PII era.

I just tried it w/ a 400W power supply and still the same thing.

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Are your motherboard settings installed for SDR? I see you have SDR in the Slot and if it is set for DDR you will not get a boot from the strap CPU --> DRAM.

Your motherboard will show you the proper placement of the jumper switches for SDR vs DDR. The jumpers:

J2A --> J3D Inclusive are shorted for DDR and open for SDR. (You look correct here)

As well you need to have JP1 shorted for SDR and open for DDR. I can not see if this is shorted or not

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i had the same problem I tried a different processor and it fixed it. I've read these boards are extremly picky.
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