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Originally Posted by StillmaticX

I know that some people have had good experiences with Patriot XBLK ddr600 memory, but I have had nothing but problems with this memory since I first got my first gig (512 x 2). First of all, I can't get my comp stable wit 300mhz fsb even with the multi down to like 8. Furthermore, when sporting like 2 gigs (512 x 4), I can barely get my comp stable above 250 and at times 240. This is trash for memory which is like $200 a gig and should be providing be with a ridiculous amount of overhead. Anyway, I'm thinking about junking this memory and by "junking", I mean selling the <expletives> on ebay for whatever I can get. The question I pose to you all then is: What is the best memory out there for reaching like 300 fsb or what memory do you guys recommend for this? The mem doesn't have to be ddr600 but the higher ddr, the more overhead, OBVIOUSLY!!
( I probably should have left that part out so as to not offend anyone). I really want 2 gigs because quantity provides better performance in games and such. However, my budget is kind of tight these days, so the cheaper the better. Anyway, thanks in advance guys.

Your motherboard will have a really hard time running 300 mhz. I've seen at least 2 reviews and several members struggle to get anything over 250 mhz on a 1:1 ratio.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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