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Effect of Ambient Temp

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Take a look at the difference.
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Very nice graph. How did you go about measuring ambient and core temps?
Used TAT to measure the core and I have a thermater in my room to measure ambient.
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Amazing how much it effect performance
What was caused the drastic temp drops during min 110-200? System no longer under load? If so, what caused those temp spikes?

What did you use to load?
The drastic temp drops are from the fan blowing on my radiator for my water cooling kit. It just dropped like a rock. The spikes are from idle to load. I used double TAT to load.
Nice graph...Little chilly in your room now though...
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nice Celtic knot Ira-K

yeah that’s kinda cold. I noticed some of the guys on the forum post abient temps lower than 17C. I'm not sure how you guys do it but 60F too uncomfortable just to have a little higher overclock.
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Yeah it was a little cold.
But doable with a nice jacket. Hard to type with gloves on but I am committed to breaking 4ghz on water. I scaled back once my fingers got numb. ha
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Be care full of frostbite...
...I guess even thats acceptable though for a killer OC..Jumping Jacks may-be would help..
.. Thanks Digg...Tis the season....
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