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Either way, a beautiful decision...

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So ive got everything narrowed down, and I have come to the conclusion for a watercooling setup I would use a Lian Li PC-P80 or a Corsair Obsidian 800D. Which one of these cases stand out more and can be easily worked with. Also, what about build quality? Any answers are greatly appreciated, thanks.
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The Corsair Obsidian is a great case. It is really a huge case to. Also it is not really good on air cooling though. Buddy of mine switched from a haf 932 to this case. His gpus temps rose like 5-10 degrees.
If you've got the cash, go with the lian li. Chielscape had a 480 rad in the front of his. Check out his thread.
the lian li would only cost me 10 dollars more than the obsidian by the way. so i im guessing it would be easy to fit the swiftech H20-200 Apex Ultimate in the Lian Li?
Without a problem at all. The hardest part is finding a placement for the radiator, which the swiftech only gives you a 240 radiator. You can a 480 rad in the front if you want.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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