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i am looking for a new pump and was going to go for the XSPC x20 750 dual bay res/pump combo but then saw this


OCZ, Phobia and EK all have this pump (re branded)

Model: EK-DCP 4.0
Rated voltage: DC12V +/-10%
Starting voltage: DC 8V above
Power Consumption: 18W +/-10%
Load current: 1.8A +/-10%
Q-max: 800 L/hr +/-10%
H-max.: 4m +/-10%
Size: 75 x 54 x 66mm
Life Expectancy: 50000/hrs at 25°
Noise: 24.5 dB
the specs look very good, but i have never heard of it before, anyone had any experiences with it? reliable? leaks?


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It's a rebranded Jingway DP-1200, which is very reliable and quiet.
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