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EK reservoirs have Aluminum?

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I was looking at the EK reservoirs and it looks like they have a black part on the bottom and I was wondering what it ws made of it looks like it may be aluminum. Will this cause corrosion or maybe if it is aluminum it dosent touch the water. Any help will be appreciated as this is expensive so I better get it figured out.

The sad thing is I have a laser engraver I just dont have the time to make my own res, or at least I need a round one and I can only squeare ones easy right now. I sold my rotary attatchment so its hard to cut tubing on the laser. I am sure I will figure it out soon though.
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Manufactured of first class quality acrylic tube and POM Acetal.

Straight from EK's website
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Thanks I looked at some of the res on their site and it didnt say I must not have looked in the right place. I just bought a tribal overkill liquid revolution res I will try it out basically instead of the EK res.

I am going to fire up my laser and corel draw and start making my own res as soon as I figure out how deep g 1/4 threads need to be to be tapped effectivley.
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