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Ek v2 D5 measurement needed

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Alright, I need 1 more measurement on this :shrug:

I need to know if it's going to hit the psu, so in order to avoid this, I'll have to leave it as is (if it fits) or use a different bitspower fitting (maybe 2 45's and extender.. not sure yet) on top.

I am in desperate need of the measurement from the tip of the thread to the butt of the pump.

Thanks in advance 50x over.

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Probably around 2.5"....

Here are the dimensions (not the same housing but close enough): http://lainginc.com/pdf/LTI%20D5_091007.pdf
I'd agree with you that it's around 2.25-2.5", but in this case, I need the exact measurement because of the bitspower fittings. If it's 2.25", then a triple rotary 45 will work. If it's 2.5",then I need to get 2 seperate 45's with a mini-dplug or male-male in between. It's hard to show you without the ek block.
cant you get the 2 45's anyway? sounds like the way to be sure...
Skinnee got me the numbers (thanks), 47.7mm from thread to butt.

Worked out nicely and gave me about 1/2" in the back of wiggle room.

The EK top will be attached to the threaded adaptor in the back.

Space is tight, so I'm happy this worked out nicely. 3 radiators and 4 pumps in the bottom of a v2000 is not an easy task, but it came out nice with how I'm routing the tubing and 45's. I need to get a few G1/4 male to female adaptors to lower the 90 an inch or so for tubing clearance.

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